1️⃣ I’m a storyteller. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy a rich and creative strategic communications career as a key executive partner, coach, and influencer — shaping and communicating company perspectives in times of disruptive change and corporate stress.

2️⃣ I’m a professional coach with an active executive & transformation coaching practice. I take personal satisfaction from helping people find and reach their “next.”

3️⃣ I founded the Mother Duck Endowment to send girls to Camp Seafarer in Arapahoe, NC — daughters of single moms and essential workers like teachers, nurses, front-line and first responders, wellness and restaurant staffs. This is my Big Why.

4️⃣ I am a Certified Historic Homes & Resort Properties Specialist in Wilmington, NC. Each house I sell helps send a girl to camp. TheGreenChairProperties.com

Everybody’s got a story. What’s yours?

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“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” — Gustave Flaubert


True believer in straight lines & nickel words.